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Hey Barista,
don't sleep!

Fresh squeezed juice generates more profit than bottled juice, allowing you to quickly get back the cost of the Ceado juicer and earn money immediately!

Fast profits

By selling only 10 juice servings per day,
your investment is recovered in just 8 weeks.
A medium size bar, with 30 juice servings
per day, can start looking at its profits
in just about 2 weeks!

Healthy Lifestyle

The market is looking more and more toward natural and healthy beverages, freshly made. Ceado Juice Fit extracts the juice at low temperature, therefore preserving all natural taste and vitamins.

Easy recipes!

The necessary ingredients are few
and inexpensive. To mix them in order to produce lots of recipes is easy and quick!

Fruit juices described here are the most requested and profitable, but with Ceado Juicers, many other recipes are available.
We recommend using seasonal produce, locally grown.
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