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Dedicated to those born for single dose, those seeking single origins, those keen to experiment with single brews: to all those with a distinctive approach to coffee.

The coffee beans go straight into the grinding chamber. When the zero-retention bellows attachment is tapped with the hand, the ground coffee comes right out of the grinding chamber, resetting it for another single dose.

The harmonious Italian craftsmanship of the Quick Set Gear mechanism lets you adjust the grind consistency with one simple gesture.

The SweepOut system automatically clears the ground coffee from the grinding chamber and preserves the coffee beans.

Grinding with the SweepOut system keeps the coffee fresh and in perfect condition, improving the performance of normal on-demand coffee grinders.

Ceado Blender App allows the programming of automatic cycles, straight from a smartphone or tablet.
Endless recipes to create and share, to optimise work and improve the production of mixes or bases for cocktails.

The experience of Ceado in the blender sector has allowed for the development of specific designs for blades and pressing systems, capable of balancing the consistency of any preparation, associating it to high production performance.

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