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Make great profits with Ceado Juice Business

Hey barista, don't sleep!
Make great profits with the Ceado Juice Business!
Perfect for both small businesses and street vendors but also for bars and large companies.

Freshly squeezed juice generates more profit than bottled juice, allowing you to quickly get back the cost of the Ceado juicer and earn money immediately!
By selling only 10 juice servings per day, your investment is recuperated in just 8 weeks, but a small BAR easily produces 20 servings per day. A medium size bar, with 30 juice servings per day, can start looking at their profit in just about 2 weeks!

3 good reasons to start your juice business:

The market is looking more and more toward natural and healthy beverages, freshly made.
The centrifugal Ceado Juice Fit extracts the juice at low temperature, therefore preserving all natural vitamins.

The necessary ingredients are few and inexpensive.
To mix them in order to produce lots of recipes is easy and quick!

Stop waste, simplify and improve your work.
The Ceado juice extractor is not noisy and it is even quieter than your own BAR!
There are no more excuses, wash everything quickly in the dishwasher. The Ceado magnetic control allows you to disassemble and reassemble the juice extractor without the use of any tools!

Start earning money today with the Ceado Juice Business!

Contact us at sales@ceado.com for any further information.
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