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Opalglide™<br>the cutting-edge burrs<br>for Single Dosing

the cutting-edge burrs
for Single Dosing

Ceado Lab introduces Opalglide™, the cutting-edge burrs for Single Dosing.

The eargeness to control and own every dimension of grinding keeps on pushing Ceado Lab to explore beyond the boundaries of techniques currently used in our industry, finding increasingly better performing solutions, in the ongoing search for the perfect cup.

It is this purposeful passion which originates Opalglide™, the innovative manufacturing method specific to Single Dosing burrs. The SD Opalglide™ burrs ensure a more refined treatment of coffee beans, minimizing friction while improving the outgoing flow.

Design dedicated to Single Dosing, innovative mechanical processing, ahead of the curve nanotechnologies: this is Opalglide™.

Single-dose coffee grinders E37SD and E5SD will feature as a standard the new Opalglide™SD 83mm burrs (E37SD) and 64mm burrs (E5SD). Opalglide™ burrs are retrofittable for upgrade.

Fore more information contact: sales@ceado.com
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